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Ultimate Dive Travel

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Ultimate Dive Travel

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Make all your scuba diving dreams come true! From wreck diving to live aboard diving, in the breathtaking beauty of Caribbean waters to the spectacular offshore scenery of the South Pacific, our all-diver team of travel professionals is committed to providing you with the ultimate dive experience. We believe every scuba diving trip should be thae trip of a lifetime!

Your scuba diving trip is too important to leave to chance! That’s why we personally inspect every resort property and dive operation in all 22 countries that we represent. You deserve nothing less than accurate, first-hand information on your destination! This level of attention and focus on the serious diver is why our clients stay with us, booking trip after trip, ultimate experience after ultimate experience!

Let us go overboard for you! Isn’t it time you had the trip of a lifetime?

For your ultimate dive experience, you need an ultimate destination! That’s why we’ve put together scuba diving packages for almost every corner of the world, from live-aboard diving in the Caribbean to wreck diving in Asia.

Take your time and luxuriate in the possibilities! Whether you have a passion for wreck diving, want to experience live-aboard diving, or want to be among the few who know about the most spectacular corners of the ocean, we’ve got a destination for you!

An Ultimate Dive Experience is all about more than the time you spend in the water. The Ultimate Dive team has personally toured and inspected each one of the resorts we work with, to ensure that your dream vacation meets and exceeds your expectations. Whether you’re searching for a luxury getaway or simpler accommodations that let you focus on nature’s glories, we’ve got what you’re looking for…

Live-aboards offer the Ultimate Dive experience! Spend your diving vacation in the water, with four or five dives per day — and night diving, a transformative experience that will change the way you look at the ocean! Live-aboards allow you the opportunity to dive in small, intimate groups, ensuring you the chance to truly revel in the glory of the setting and the joy of diving!

The Ultimate Dive team has personally inspected each and every one of the Live-aboards we offer. We’ve lived on these boats, know the owners, gone on the dives and can offer our guarantee that you’re in good hands. Live-aboards are the ONLY way to reach some of the most magnificent dive sites, providing great access to marine life, spectacular schools of fish, and a dive-focused experience like no other.

Life on a live-aboard dive boat revolves around diving. Spending time enjoying the water is the entire purpose of a live-aboard trip. Generally, live-aboards accommodate between 16-24 people, so you’ll be with a small group.

The length of your live-aboard vacation can range from a short 3 night sailing to a 3 week excursion. There are live-aboard options for divers of every ability level; we’ll help you pick the trip that’s right for you! The day generally begins with a dive before breakfast, followed by a dive after breakfast, one or two dives after lunch, and a nighttime dive. You’ll be diving with experts who focus on helping you derive maximum enjoyment from your dives: they know what you’ll be seeing and can help you identify the denizens of deep.

The live-aboard experience is comfortably casual. There’s no need to “dress”. Most of the time is spent in the water, but if you want to skip a dive, there’s roomy, comfortable lounges to relax with a good book and enjoy your time away. All meals are provided, and plenty of snacks, so you’ll never go hungry! Some itineraries include shore excursions to allow you to enjoy the local culture and add another element to your ultimate dive vacation.

We understand that you need accurate, reliable information to plan your dream dive vacation. Ultimate Dive Travel spends tens of thousands of dollars each year inspecting the live-aboards and resort destinations that we represent. When you look back on your Ultimate Dive Vacation, we think you will agree that the first hand information you receive from us was indispensable! Because we care about your vacation, we spend our own money inspecting each destination as if it were our own trip!


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